Our Own Candle Company Aromatherapy Candles

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This 6.5 oz. candle contains 100% soy wax, and all natural essential oils. No dyes are used in our Aroma Therapy candles. They are all natural! This candle will last between 20 - 30 hrs.

Lavender is a soft soothing scent that helps you sleep, relieves stress, and acts as an antidepressant.

Lemongrass scent has been known to enhance your energy, relieve stress, and work as an antidepressant. It also smells great!

Eucalyptus helps to relieve stress, and headaches. It also boosts the immune system. It even works well as an insect repellent.

It is said that when Mother Nature creates a disease, she also creates the cure.Tea tree is one of the most extensively researched essential oils, and renowned as a cure-all for various internal maladies and external skin infections.. In addition to enhancing overall health by aiding with the removal of toxins within the body, the stimulant property of tea tree essential oil can boost one’s immune system.It also provides relief for those suffering from muscular aches, as well as cold and cough symptoms.