Vintage Hanging Light

Rustic, canning jar light fixtures are simple lighting accents that bring high amounts of character into your home. Create your own hanging light fixture with the Cleveland Vintage Lighting™ canning jar lid socket cord. Select a glass canning jar, not included, to complete your pendant lamp and vintage look.

Designed with inspiration from the early 20th century, the Cleveland Vintage Lighting™ collection features a wide variety of unique lighting accessories that stylistically create a nostalgic and illuminated look.
Silver canning lid
Black socket
15.5 foot black cord, featuring on/off switch
Includes 1 lamp cord with jar top hardware, 2 ceiling hooks, and 2 plastic clamps
Easy to follow instructions
For indoor use only
Lightbulb and canning jar not included
Recommendation: Use product with 11-watt or lower lightbulb, a high watt bulb can cause too much heat to accumulate in a closed jar. If you use a canning jar with an open base for heat release, you can use up to a 40-watt bulb.


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